Illumination Entertainment has a slew of properties and franchises where each of them had an individual site. There was a need for a single cohesive site that contained dedicated pages for each franchise where visitors could navigate intuitively to experience the personality of the studio.
We designed a site architecture to unify all of the franchises into a cohesive system composed by modules. The homepage includes a reel, a promotional module for a featured film and a gallery of posters. These posters link to film landing pages, which include a synopsis, clips, images and links for viewing. 
The impossible-to-ignore imagery is paired with an oversized interface as an opportunity to work Illumination’s brand into the details of the website, without distracting from the content.
Home page modules
Studio reel desktop
Studio reel mobile
Featured content desktop
Featured content mobile
Franchise cards
Footer desktop
Footer mobile
Franchise page modules
Synopsis desktop
Synopsis mobile
Characters desktop
Characters mobile
Gallery desktop
Gallery mobile
Watch desktop
Watch mobile
The basic structure for auxiliary pages such as studio and careers were also developed.
Design, art direction

Developed by Theo Stråhlen
Made at B-Reel, 2019