Motion Sense

Motion Sense is the introduction of Soli technology in the Pixel 4. Soli is a miniature radar that understands human gestures and it's located at the top of the phone, creating an interactive hemisphere that can sense and understand movements around the phone.
The interaction framework groups human movements according to levels of proximity and engagement between the user and Soli.
The visual expression of Motion Sense takes cues from the ephemeral, the non tactile. Light in the form of a glow lets the user know when gestures are available and motion informs whether gestures have been successfully recognized or not. A set of motion principles give the glow its own personality, making it feel fluid, responsive and rich in appearance despite its visual simplicity. 
A set of states was designed to provide visual feedback according to each interaction. At launch, Soli was available to users under 3 use cases: swipe for next/previous song, swipe to dismiss a call and swipe to snooze an alarm.
Music flow
Music flow in app
Dismiss call flow
Snooze alarm flow
Visual design

Made at B-Reel in collaboration with Google's ATAP team, 2019