Pixel Wallpapers

Every year, Google’s smartphone ships with an ample array of wallpapers. The Come Alive series are interactive graphics that interpret data gathered from the phone sensors to tell a little story as users interact with the device.
The Sundial is a graphic composition seen from a bird’s eye POV with a light source that simulates the sun’s position in the sky, effecting how shadows are projected into the scene and onto objects. The lighting reflects the geo-location of the phone making  the colors variate in the morning, at noon and at night.
Interactions play a major role in providing a richer experience as people use their phone. When unlocking the device a camera animation is triggered to greet the owner.
Using data from the accelerometer in the phone, the wallpaper subtly mirrors the motion of the hand showcasing the composition from a different angle.
The Stacking Stones wallpaper is a sculpture that wobbles when the phone is tilted. Users can choose between light and dark mode, as well as 4 colorways.
To make the wallpaper more visually interesting, a new composition is formed every 40 minutes by adding a rock to the top of the sculpture  and removing the rock from the bottom. This mechanic helps to control the amount of rocks visible at a time (4) to maintain a good visual balance behind the interface of the phone.
Design, art direction, interaction design, motion design, Android Studio prototyping

Developed by Ramon Illobre and Felix Martinez
Made at B-Reel, 2020