Vismo stands for 'visual and motion", it was a design exploration made in collaboration with the FAUX (Future of Android UX) team at Google to spot design opportunities within specific moments to make the usage of a phone a fun and personalised experience.
This project focused exclusively on visual, motion design and prototyping of the explorations.
This concept explores effect-driven surfaces with dimensionality and illumination in three components of the homepage: clock, music player and notifications.
Interface elements can be unfolded to reveal more information. Unfolding is done by pulling on a UI element, either from the top, left, or bottom. The visual language (visible folds) helps indicate which part of the interface can be pulled.
Pulling the clock unfolds it to get access to the day’s events. Scrolling down lets you browse through the calendar and tapping on an event expand the time slot to get more information.
The exploration anticipated the introduction of face authentication and Soli technology in the Pixel 4 addressing the device entry flow.
Light theme
Design, motion, prototyping

Made at B-Reel, 2018